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Batman: Knightfall Omnibus Vol. 1

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Chuck Dixon

The Dark Knight’s deadliest enemies have escaped Arkham Asylum! The Joker, Two-Face, the Mad Hatter, the Riddler, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Firefly and Zsasz—one by one, Batman must face them in mortal combat. But lurking at the end of this seemingly endless gauntlet is the deadliest menace of all—a mysterious man-mountain known as Bane! Will Bane break the Bat, or will the Dark Knight be able to save Gotham City from the newest reign of terror to hit its streets? For the first time ever, the entire Knightfall saga is collected in one massive hardcover volume. BATMAN: KNIGHTFALL OMNIBUS includes the best-selling story line from BATMAN #484-500, BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT #16-18, BATMAN: VENGEANCE OF BANE #1, DETECTIVE COMICS #654-666 and SHOWCASE ’93 #7-8.

1 av Dc Comics på Bbs California. Batman Knightfall Vol. Třída 6 kniha PDF 2021. 1 Chuck DixonKelley Jones2 808 K.

Knightfall Online Cz

1 Hardcover Illustrated 18 April 2017. 2 Knightquest Chuck Dixon Kelley Jones Jim Aparo s 26 slevou za 1991 K v oveném obchod.   In the first installment of this classic storyline the Dark Knights greatest enemies have all simultaneously escaped from Arkham Asylum and are preying on Gotham City. Some corner and shelf wear no major damage. Osudy a furies spoiler. Shromažďování modré úrovně čtení. Batman Knightfall Omnibus Vol. Kde je největší vnitřní divadlo na světě. Naval architektury školy Kalifornie. BATMAN KNIGHTFALL OMNIBUS includes the bestselling story line from BATMAN 484500 BATMAN SHADOW OF THE BAT 1618 BATMAN VENGEANCE OF BANE 1 DETECTIVE COMICS 654666 and SHOWCASE 93 78. When Bruce Wayne and Alfred depart for Santa Prisca they leave Gotham in the hands of the new Batman JeanPaul Valley who tries to lay a trap for Bane. Online knihkupectví aktuální nabídka titul z kategorie Knikupectví Katalog nakladatelství D DC Comics.Batman Knightfall Volume One Doug Moench a kolektív EN odhttpszbozi.czbatmanknightfallvolumeonedougmoenchakolektivenBatman Knightfall Volume One Doug Moench a kolektív EN v 2 obchodech na Zboí.cz. The Dark Knights deadliest enemies have escaped Arkham Asylum The Joker TwoFace the Mad Hatter the Riddler Poison Ivy Scarecrow Killer Croc Firefly and Zsaszone by one Batman must face them in mortal combat.

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