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Wild at Heart: For the Love of Pets and Beautiful Homes

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Magali Elali, Bart Kiggen

A unique portrait of fifteen creatives and their pets, Wild at Heart is all about the unique bond they have with their pets and how that bond inevitably colours their way of working, living and thinking Wild at Heart - Pets, People and their Beautiful Homes is the second book from the creative duo behind the online interview magazine Coffeeklatch. In 2015 they published the bestseller Greenterior, a book about plant-loving creatives and their inspiring homes. For this new book, Magali Elali and Bart Kiggen visited people who share their beautiful houses with their pets. They interviewed fifteen creatives at home about a subject that many people all over the world can relate to: the unique bond between people and their pets. Whenever the love of animals is a part of someone's life, it will inevitably colour his or her way of working, living and thinking. In Wild at Heart Bart and Magali share personal stories about important and small encounters, fun anecdotes and relatable situations, set in tasteful and inspiring interiors and breathtaking nature scenes. About the Author Bart Kiggen is a photographer and graphic designer, Magali Elali works as a stylist and journalist. Together they are the duo behind the lifestyle blog and creative studio Coffeeklatch. Wild at Heart is their second book, following the international success of Greenterior (2015).

Jack Hanna is a beloved zookeeper and animal lover that . Wild at Heart For the Love of pets and Beautiful Homes Elali Magali Coffeeklatch Kiggen Bart From the large indoor jacuzzi tub ready to soak away the days worries to the fun of pool table and shuffle board you wont want to leave. The Aspca published this great guide to household items that could be toxic to our furry friends The Aspca Animal Poison Control Center APCC in Urbana IL. With your help Tiffany is proud to continue its commitment to protecting the earth by donating 100 of the profits from this collection to the Wildlife Conservation Network. Working through the home one room at a time the book highlights classic items of furniture and signature accessories.

Wild At Heart

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